White Pietragaia

PRODUCTION AREA: in Val Tidone, with the vineyard on a gentle, east-facing slope on calcareous-marl soil.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 85% Marsanne – originating in the place of the same name in the northern Rhône region of France, introduced to the Piacenza area during the Napoleonic era – 15% Chardonnay, an international variety, with a density of 5000 vines/hectare.

GRAPE HARVEST:  the grapes are ONLY picked when they reach maximum ripening. They are picked by hand, put in crates, the bunches being carefully selected from each vine in order to guarantee the highest quality. They are then gently destemmed, leaving 30-40% of the berries whole.

YIELD: yield is limited to 30 hl per hectare with appropriate agronomic intervention and manual bunch thinning.

WINEMAKING: the whole grapes are gently crushed after a brief maceration in the press and first fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 16-18 °C.

COLOUR: pale straw-yellow.

AROMA: a pleasant opening of slightly unripe fruit, reminiscent of pineapple, yellow apple and summer pear, with floral notes (acacia and honeysuckle). It unfolds later, more complex, with hints of small fruits (redcurrant and gooseberry), spices (pink and white pepper) and mildly lemony with slight overtones of lime leaves.

FLAVOUR: good structure and rich on the palate, supporting a pleasant acidic sensation, long finish, lingering, dominated by an excellent balance between good sapidity and plushness. The aftertaste begins with a return of fruity and honeyed-lemony notes of white and yellow fruits with a hint of spice.

It goes well with fish, delicate white meat dishes and a selection of young cheeses.
FORMAT: 750 ml bottle